Rabbi Braun Available to answer Shailos

Chabad.info is reporting that

The newly elected Rabbi Yossi Braun Shlita has begun accepting visitors to his office and answering calls.
By David Yisraeli, Chabad Info
16 Shvat 5771 (21.01.2011)
Only a few days after the historic inauguration of Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun as the third rabbi on the Crown Heights Rabbinate, the rabbi has began keeping office hours to service the community.

Tens of people have already visited the rabbi in his office at 390 Kingston Avenue.

Rabbi Braun is available for now, from 6pm until 8pm.

Next week Rabbi Braun will have to return home to begin the complicated process of moving his family of many children to their new town of dwelling.

Within a few months, the rabbi should be fully settled and functioning.

The rav can also be reached at his office number, 718-604-8000 x3.


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A crowning achievment

AN Australian rabbi has been elected to sit on one of the world’s most prestigious religious courts, the Crown Heights Beth Din in New York.

Sydney’s Tzemach Tzedek community will lose its spiritual leader after Rabbi Yossi Braun was voted in as the third rabbi of Crown Heights Beth Din in Brooklyn by less than 100 votes.

For the Tzemach Tzedek community, his appointment brings mixed feelings. Former president Benny Amzalak said the community was proud but disappointed.

“It’s definitely sad because we are going to miss out on someone who is so good for us, and Sydney” Amzalak said. “He has been here for seven years but now the world has realised how good he is and they have snapped him up to one of the highest positions in the Chabad world.”

The rabbi isn’t expected to move immediately.

“We have been told that we would get two months from when he knows he has to move to New York so we can find a replacement rabbi because our community will continue to be strong and grow.”

Sydney Yeshiva Centre spiritual leader Rabbi Pinchus Feldman said he was proud to see a former student achieve the position. “We hope that he brings pride to all of us in the years to come,” Rabbi Feldman said. “Without any doubt, I’m sure he’ll try his best to make a very strong contribution in Crown Heights.”

Young Adult Chabad Rabbi Eli Feldman said Rabbi Braun was a man of high principles.

“Their education came before politics,” he said. “He’s someone who believes in something, he has particular principles. Let’s hope he takes that spirit to Crown Heights where he’ll serve the people. We hope he’ll do a good job there and we wish him well.”

Rabbi Braun, 40, campaigned as a man who would be able to connect with the younger generation in Crown Heights.

In a video on his campaign website prior to the election, he spoke of bringing the community together by working together towards common goals.

“If it’s a grassroots effort and everybody is in this together, and everybody’s welcome to participate and contribute, I think we can really get things moving step-by-step” he said.

“There’s a lot of beautiful things that are happening in Crown Heights and perhaps we should focus much more on the positive and bring out the positive.”

Crown Heights, in the New York borough of Brooklyn, is the spiritual home of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. The suburb is home to 770, the former headquarters of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson.




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Harav Rosenberg: Braun’s coronation – as planned

Rabbi Rosenberg: Harav Braun’s coronation to proceed as planned

A little over two months have past since the election of Rabbi Yossi Braun to the Crown Heights Beis Din, in a clear and decisive win,
yet there are still those who are adamant in keeping the flames of strife aglow; stymieing any hopes for peace. 
By Yechiel Cohen, Chabad Info
14 Kislev 5771 (21.11.2010)
A little over two months have past since the election of Rabbi Yossi Braun to the Crown Heights Beis Din, in a clear and decisive win,
yet there are still those who are adamant in keeping the flames of strife aglow; stymieing any hopes for peace.

A Crown heights resident by the name of Yosel Katzman, who rests on a long trail of laurels in instigating conflict and dissension in the community.
A man who has had a hand in the creation of the original dispute between the Rabbonim for purely monetary interests, is unyielding in his obduracy to leave some vestige of his malign legacy on our community.

His first attempt was to circulate false allegations that Rabbi Braun has put forth an unreasonable demand for an exorbitant salary, along with various other benefits.
This attempt struck an impasse when the allegations were categorically denied by the head of the Vaad Hakohol Zaki Tamir.

Unrelenting, Mr. Katzman moved on to his next scheme: circulating rumors that Rabbi Braun lacks Semicha credentials

Bearing past experiences in mind, that last certificate produces brought to bear a torrent of undue pressure and coercion on the signatory, Rabbi Gavriel Zinner,
including personal visits from Rabbi Abrohom Osdoba and Rabbi Yoel Khan – Rabbi Braun declined to produce it, saying only that he has to answer solely to Rabbi Avrohom Rosenberg.

Keeping true to his word, upon request from Rabbi Rosenberg, Rabbi Braun produced to the Zabla Beis Din, not one,
but numerous Semicha certificates from various notable rabbis certifying his qualifications to serve as rabbi.

So again Mr. Katzman concocts yet another allegation, this one claiming the rabbi doesn’t possess a certificate for ‘Dayonus’, thus rendering him unsuitable to be Rov.

The one failing to produce documents however, turns out to be Mr. Katzman – who failed to cite where it is written that possessing a Dayonus certificate is a prerequisite for running in the elections.

As a matter of fact, current serving Rov Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba himself didn’t possess such a certificate when originally elected to the Beis Din.

The Zabla Beis Din headed by Rabbi Rosenberg convened this past week and came to a clear cut decision that Rabbi Braun will indeed serve as Rov in Crown heights,
and that the Vaad Hakohol should continue with the arrangements to bring the Rov over to the neighborhood, as well as hold a coronation as soon as a contract is signed.

Rabbi Rosenberg apologized for the lack of a written document, blaming it on time constraints, saying that hopefully this week he will send out the detailed decision in its written form.

A community activist close to the case expressed his opinion that Katzman and his cronies themselves knew that the ploys had no prospects of succeeding, doing it only for future leverage in their upcoming battles.

“Woe to the man who knows the truth yet still riles dissension,” concluded the activist.

The letter stipulating the criteria to run in elections: Semicha

Of the three elected Rabbonim only Rabbi Heller possessed Dayonus

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Baruch shehecheyanu, v’kiyimanu, v’higiyanu laz’man hazeh

This non hate blog will be to post information about Harav Braun Shlita.

I am very excited the bais din upheld his just and proper election and did not listen to the haters.

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